TOKIT announcement

Photography, to Record a Good Dining Time

Share the fresh stories in the kitchen with the same food lovers and explore the wonderful chemical reactions behind.

Have Incredibly Great
Fun with Gourmet
Masters in Cooking

Gourmet KOL uploads creative recipes and discovers masters you’re interested in, to unlock more new culinary tricks.

Smart Video Recipes Enables Reproduction of the Delicious Dishes in Memory

Experienced chefs have carefully designed video recipes so that even novices in the kitchen can follow the screen and text tips and easily reproduce the delicious dishes in their memory while enjoying the culinary pleasures.

Sound and progress bar double prompt finishing cooking for great taste

One Key Control Define a
New Way to Cook

TOKIT has embedded all conceivable operating instructions in the exclusive APP, such as scheduling, mode adjustment, temperature control… so that touch with a fingertip can communicate operating instructions, keeping the device state under control at will.

Built-in function mode

Cooking state accessible at any time

Cooking temperature self-defined

Hot Topics, Food Information Fully Available

Limited delicacy, fresh and popular online regular cuisine for different seasons… Just open the thematic interface to keep abreast of the latest trends in food circles.

Unlimited Private Recipe,
One-click Start,
Follow the Suit

Everyone’s exclusive secret recipe can be quickly converted into a cooking program and shared to loved ones, to duplicate exclusive flavor anytime and anywhere.

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enjoy the new fun of smart