TOKIT announcement

TOKIT Mini Smart Rice Cooker

Colorful pampering and yummy taste

Rose Pink

Exclusive pampering for one alone
Remain rituals with the dining table as always

Serene Blue

Prefer being consistent with my channel
My appetite is different

Mousse White

Every bite at ease
Is excessive fondness for you

Moon White

The mood of dining
Is as simple as the white rice

TOKIT unlocks your rice cooker potential

Rest assured to get lazy. The food could be ready in one go. TOKIT APP collects a variety of lazy recipes designed by senior chefs for small rice cooker. It is pretty easy to enjoy delicious food.

08:00 Breakfast ready as you wake up

One-touch timing. Vitality porridge awaits to awaken your body

12:00 Bento master

Scan the QR code to identify the rice type and for automatch of 3,000+ rice cooking programs

15:00 DIY afternoon tea

5 major functions. Rice cooker can make cakes as well

19:00 Stomach warming expert

24-hour warming, making dinner easier

1.6L is just right,Aftertaste left other than leftover

Cooking 6 bowls of rice at a time can take care of the stomach of either one eater or two. The petite and round form of rice cooker occupies little space in the kitchen, leaving the dining table for more delicious food. A comfortable kitchen with style.

Dual intelligent temperature probes at top and bottom, to pamper your fastidious taste bud

Only by being sensitive enough to the heating temperature can the cooker achieve the soft and chewy glutinous taste that you’re fond of. Dual probes to perform precise temperature control so that the rice is cooked as you deem fit.

5-layer thick-wall inner pot
Made for cooking rice well

Inner pot is crucial for making sweet and yummy rice. This cooker uses a 1.7mm thick inner pot that conducts heat evenly for bringing out the sweetness of every grain of rice.

400W high-power heating
Small size but large power

Dynamic adjustment and output of large power to let heat penetrate into the rice core evenly from bottom to top. As every grain absorbs the essence of the power, every bite shall be sweet and soft.

* All images are schematic and for reference only. The real product may be subjected to modification without prior notice.

One-touch control Rice ready in reach

A black crystal glass panel suffices to replace complex mechanical buttons. The all-sky hidden display design makes it as easy as using a smartphone when one opens the TOKIT rice cooker for the first time. Wake it up with your fingertip and start cooking by just one touch.

Who says there can't be colorful black
TOKIT Mini Smart Rice Cooker Colorful Series

Rose Pink

Serene Blue

Mousse White