TOKIT announcement

TOKIT Mini Smart Oven

Rapid heating & exquisite compactness

Carbon fiber heating tube at the upper part for convenient pre-heating

The carbon fiber heating tube at the upper part is capable of heating the cavity to 180°C rapidly in 90 seconds, thus significantly reducing the preheating time. Its infrared ray can effectively penetrate into food materials and helps the cooking of delicious and succulent food that is crispy outside and tender inside.

1200 W high-power

for high heat and fast heating

98 % An electricity to heat conversion efficiency

for good energy saving performance and fast ramping rate

90 S Significantly reduced preheating time:

the cavity can be heated up to 180°C in 90 seconds

APP based intelligent cascade actions for one-touch cooking of dish selected from numerous cloud recipes

Numerous video recipes are available for triggering baking inspirations. Diverse smart cooking procedures are available in cloud and accessible with your APP over Wi-Fi. Baking is made easy from now on and baking temperature and baking duration can be intelligently controlled by a single touch.

Noval vertical structure for exquisite compactness and freedom in deployment

For its innovative vertical structure, this 12L product has much smaller footprint than conventional oven of the same capacity. A compact product with capacity sufficient for the baking of diverse foods.


Crispy outside and tender inside, moisture retained, flavor maintained.

Egg tart

Flaky, aromatic, soft and juicy, tastes spongy and mellow.

Roasted chicken wing

Scorched outside and tender inside, crispy and succulent, original taste and flavor retained.

Built-in OLED knob, an embodiment of the idea of smart interaction

Electronic knob control for configuring temperature settings precise to 1°C in a clear, intuitive, and interactive way with your fingertip. Automatic cooking and manual configuration modes are available for you to switchover at will.

Painstakingly designed top handle

Meticulously designed safety details. The top handle design allows for a plainly visible control window and comfort & safe operation.