TOKIT announcement

TOKIT IH Smart Pressure Cooker

Aggressively Impressive Pressure Cooker 2.0

Working under 2.0 units of standard atmospheric pressure and with super-high heat

Pressurized 100kPa more for bringing the boiling temperature of water up to 120°C: The high pressure helps heat to penetrate into food materials rapidly in significantly reduced heating time to make tasty food faster.


1500W IH all-round heating with high power for extracting nutrients more efficiently

IH encompassing induction cooker's 3 dimensional heating cooks food materials evenly. When working with 1500W high-power, it boils food materials vehemently and extract nutrients thoroughly.

With the smart pressure regulating technology, food materials can be added during cooking process by one-touch

Innovative electromagnetic pressure regulator capable of stepless pressure regulation is used for flexible adjustment of pressure in the range of 0-100kPa with ease without manual releasing of pressure during the cooking process and for adding food material conveniently and safely during the cooking process with one-touch. Thus, the shortcomings of "one-pot" cooking can be avoided.

Korean safety locking mechanism for pressure cooker

IH smart pressure cooker incorporates a cast aluminum locking mechanism of enhanced strength on its top which securely locks the upper lid to the inner container for safer operation of the cooker.

APP intelligent cascade actions for cooking more delicacies

Massive video recipes are available for selection via the dedicated APP and can be matched with appropriate temperature control curve at one-touch for exploiting the original flavor of food materials to make numerous foods and enjoy the fun of cooking.

Dual temperature sensor probes for real-time precise temperature control

Built-in temperature sensor probes are installed in the upper and lower part of the cooker for sensitive perception of temperature change to adjust heat smartly.

3.5mm thick inner container ingeniously made for cooking delicious foods

The inner container has been subjected to multiple iterations from design to manufacturing. It is made through 13 processes and applied 6 layers of coating for effective focusing of energy and preserving of heat so that food materials in the cooker can be heated evenly and cooked thoroughly. Daikin PFA non-stick powder coating is applied to render the cooker excellent cleanability.

Concealed upper panel design & smart interaction with fingertip

The concealed upper control panel is equipped with a 1.32 inch display of impressive visual charm and reflects the ingenious integration of innovative technology and industrial esthetics.