TOKIT announcement

TOKIT Smart Oven

Open a new horizon for the fun in kitchen

Built-in HD camera

Independent zoned temperature control

Carbon fiber heating tube

Dual-channel (heating/cooling) circulating

32L vertical chamber

Video recipes on APP

TOKIT Smart Oven

A brand-new concept of baking

Good oven, good photographer
Appease your curiosity on oven

A HD camera that helps you throughout the baking process Real-time monitoring on your mobile phone for bringing the baking process under control. No worry for overbaking. Multiple heat insulation structures. Good operation stability under high temperature.

Oven camera
A camera made for epicures

One touch generation of 10-second video clips on APP for sharing the fun of baking any time, any where VLOG your breakfast, lunch, and dinner; enjoy your food.

Entertain yourself and entertain all
Numerous delicacies for multiplying happiness

32L capacity for accommodating the whole family's expectation

Highlighting the beauty of food
follow this photographing oven

Photograph your exceptional taste, mark your moments with this oven, share the fun of baking with others

An oven for dummy

Easy to use

Three features designed for convenient baking

Reproducible baking temperature control precise to 1°C No complicated but simple operations

Top carbon fiber heating tube


Precise heat control, fast temperature rise, short preheating time IR ray of good penetrability for impressive baking uniformity

Independent zoned temperature control


3 NTC temperature sensor probes for real-time sensing of temperature in oven cavity and timely temperature compensation. No need for rotation, no need for tin foil, uniform 360° circular baking

Dual-channel (heating/cooling) circulation


Dual-channel (heating/cooling) circulating system for balanced temperature distribution in cavity and stable temperature control. Oil-free salubrious airfryer.

Evident professionalism,The more proficient the user, the better performance the oven

7-in-1 Cooker
The fun of shuffling fun

A versatile oven that performs beyond all your imagination of and expectation for a perfect kitchen appliance.

Video recipes on APP,Find and enjoy your favorite

Follow the instructions to cook delicious dishes you like

Delicacies are within reach

In front of this oven