TOKIT announcement

Define Cooking Attitude With Temperature

As a new smart kitchen electric brand, high-end Internet kitchen appliance TOKIT, from the establishment of the brand, has been exploring more relaxation and more life meaning in the kitchen, trying to use smart kitchen products to bring the kitchen cooking experience of this era to more consumers, so that they can experience the fun of cooking and enjoy the surprises that the kitchen experience brings to life.

Define a Warmer Kitchen Lifestyle

High-end Internet kitchen appliance TOKIT, more than an appliance brand in the kitchen field, hopes to grow into a brand that can bring more smart and relaxed kitchen lifestyle, and establish a closer “sense of participation” with consumers, to jointly explore and define the kitchen life experience that should belong to this generation.

Smart Kitchen, Fun Experience


For the kitchen experience in the future, the kitchen is no longer a single boring cooking place, but a more young and fun living space. Cooking is no longer defined as a simple cooking task, but a relaxing cooking experience.


As a explorer in the field of smart kitchens, high-end Internet kitchen appliance TOKIT is committed to providing more technologically interesting kitchen cooking solutions based on continuous research and development of the smart kitchen experience that meets the real needs of consumers, so that every TOKIT consumer can feel the kitchen fun and the beauty of life brought to them by smart technology.


Facing an open-minded and experimenting urban experience, high-end Internet kitchen appliance TOKIT, starting from the kitchen cooking life scene, builds a more extended and imaginative space for kitchen cooking experience, to discover and explore more life stories in the kitchen with users with resonant content and topics.

Start with the Kitchen to Change