TOKIT announcement

TOKIT Smart Induction Cooker

Cooking precise to 1 gram and 1 °C.

Experience of wise cooking originated from endless pursuit of technology

Our unswerving aspiration to create new products is for providing delightful pleasure in cooking. The ICV stepless temperature control technology, developed independently in 3 years, and the unique Generation 2 temperature sensor probes and smart temperature control curve, drive the improvement of the performance of our induction cookers powerfully.

The external temperature sensor probes enable the precise measurement and sensitive control of cooking temperature.

The in-house developed Generation 2 temperature sensor probes in direct contact with the bottom of the container is capable of sensitively detecting the actual temperature inside the container with an error of merely ±1°C, thus eliminating scorched bottom and reducing oily fume.

500times Temperature measurement at frequency up to 500 times per second
3seconds Sensitive response to temperature measurement in 3 seconds
* All of the above parameters are from Chunmi Technology's laboratory and may vary with actual service environment during the use of the product.

Smart temperature control curve for preserving the original flavor of the food materials

It is a generally acknowledged tough task for cookers to maintain the original flavor of food materials since different cooking temperatures and cooking durations may give rise to deviation in the taste of dishes. TOKIT for its ground-breaking implementation of asynchronous temperature control by matching the characteristics of food materials with appropriate cooking curves smartly successfully maintain the original flavor of food materials.

Stewed Potato with Beef Brisket

Sautéed Shrimps with Tomato Sauce

Sweet Corn and Rib Soup

* All of the above parameters are from Chunmi Technology's laboratory and may vary with actual service environment during the use of the product.
* All of the above parameters are from Chunmi Technology's laboratory and may vary with actual service environment during the use of the product.
* All of the above parameters are from Chunmi Technology's laboratory and may vary with actual service environment during the use of the product.

「Soft-boiled egg」

water temperature:65℃ timing:60mins

The slightly curdled yolk is plump and bright-colored and the egg white is drifting like clouds. A gentle poke of the yolk will set free the warm yellow yolk fluid, which will seep into the rice slowly and render the rice a fresh, aromatic, soft, and glutinous mouthfeel that no one can refrain from enjoying it.

「Steak cooked at low-temperature」

water temperature:60℃ timing:60mins

The warm water's guardful bless gives rise to the mutual infiltration of the characteristic fragrance of rosemary and the original flavor of steak. A cut with the knife will let go the juice inside the steak and a bite of the smooth and juicy steak will leave your mouth full of the enticing aroma of steak.

「Ginger milk curd」

Water temperature:75℃ timing:5mins

The collision of the fresh and hot ginger juice and the sweet and mild milk yields a tender and smooth slightly yellow curd, a spoonful of this curd will leave an extraordinary, lingering sweet and slightly spicy mouthfeel around the tip of your tongue.

Dishes made by low-temperature simmering, a cooking method that arouses the natural flavor of food

Low-temperature simmering is an important molecular cooking method in modern cooking art. Thanks to its ICV stepless temperature control technology, TOKIT induction cooker can maintain the uniform heating of constantly circulating and fluctuating water for achieving a stunning effect that the albumin cells of different food materials are evenly heated without bursting. Dishes are made by themselves unhurriedly and spontaneously amid the expiration and inspiration of water.

Stepless heat adjustment for just perfect control of heat

TOKIT has, in order to bring about an exceptional heat control experience to users, referred to the design principle of conventional stove for the implementation of a 99-gear heat controlling 360°knurled knob for seamless changeover between high heat and low heat in merely 1 second.

Smart weighing function for achieving superb cooking skills

Smart weighing sensor can display the weight of food materials precise to 1 gram in a visible way; the one-touch RZ function enables multiple repetitive weighing.


The eye-catching appearance design adds color to your life.

The streamlined, round, and compact body of the product and the classic black appearance are impressively eye-catching at a glance.

The round and integral body of the product is of exquisitely small footprint.

The product's smooth and round design and classic black color is inspired by dynamic esthetics, setting off the product's fashionable appearance perfectly.

A 1.32 inch OLED display screen of soft and exquisite visual effect

The selfluminescent OLED display screen works without a backlit light source and features fast response and high definition.

1.32 Large-size
100% self luminescent screen

Clean obsidian black panel of smooth touchfeel and good wear resistance

Obsidian black microcrystal panel, clean and as hard as a gem.


Cooking with this product becomes a enjoyable and smooth experience for its pleasant impression.

The product is designed with melodious sound effect, visualized heat display, and a knurled knob of damping feel, all of which are for your better operating experience.

The extra refined knurl of the knob is non-slip and oil-proof.

The 37.5mm large-size knob is knurled for effectively prevention of slip arising from oil soil.

The inclined panel design fits user's cooking posture perfectly.

The inclined panel is designed in reference to ergonomic principles and on the basis of a series of tests and adjustments for identifying the most ideal display angle for users cooking foods in kitchen.

16-chord melodious sound effect for timely reminder of cooking status

The chord reminders of melodious sound effect are painstakingly developed by Warner for real-time status prompting of the cooking process and for delivering a banquet of music to the ear.

Dedicated intelligent APP for tacit interaction between user and the product

Thanks to the powerful data support from TOKIT at background, we have developed an APP that fits user's cooking habit better and information on cooking status is available at a flip of the finger in the APP.

The APP's intelligent interaction enables real-time learning of the cooking status

Smart Home enables you to know your home better, including your kitchen. With a flip of finger on your mobile phone, you can cook delicious dishes and know their cooking status at any time and anywhere.

Smart video recipes for cooking exquisite delicacies with ease

Unexperienced users can cook any rememberable delicious dishes on their induction cooker by following a synchronous video clip selecting from numerous video recipes painstakingly developed by senior chefs for a variety of populations according to their cooking and eating habits.