TOKIT announcement

TOKIT Pressure IH
Smart Rice Cooker

Smart variable pressure cooker for elegantly made good rice

1.2× micro-pressure heating

Brand-new upgraded "concerted cooking"

3L capacity

IH induction heating

Holographic black crystal panel

Gray cast-iron inner container

Japanese non-stick coating

WI-FI smart control

Committed to
impressive mouthfeel

Brand-new stereo "concerted cooking"

TOKIT Pressure IH Rice Cooker, featuring unprecedented stereo "concerted cooking" that makes the cooking process a harmonious symphony

Intermittent boiling & heating

360°circular heating of rice

G4 micro-pressure IH rice cooking technology

1.2× standard atmospheric pressure
High-temperature cooking at 105°C

TOKIT Pressure IH Rice Cooker incorporates state-of-the-art Japanese Generation 4 micro-pressure rice cooking technology. It works with inner pressure of 1.2 units of standard atmospheric pressure and generates heat directly inside the inner container by induction for activating rice grains. Rice cooked at 105°C under increased pressure is featured by the sweetness, nutrition, and fragrance of natural cereal specific to this temperature.

G1 rice cookers

Mechanically controlled heating disk technology

G2 rice cookers

Micro-processor controlled heating disk technology

G3 rice cookers

IH induction heating technology

G4 rice cookers

Micro-pressure induction heating technology

7-layer composite caldron wall; powerful and endurable heat resistance

TOKIT's unremitting pursuit of high quality is reflected in its selection of coating for the inner container. The inner container for its 7 layers of coating applied by 13 processes has excellent heat preserving performance that maintains the cooked rice in its best state long after the heating is stopped.

1.65 kg

Actual weight of inner container


Thickness of inner container


Number of manufacturing procedures


Layers of inner container

Gray cast-iron inner container of prolonged heat preservation duration

Gray cast-iron, a material that carries weight, is chosen for the substrate of the inner container. The ripple marks on the bottom of the inner container improve the heating uniformity of rice grains. The material's excellent thermal preservation and magnetic permeability helps to retain the heat inside the inner container for cooking bright, plump, and elastic rice similar to rice cooked over firewood.

Durable and assuring Japanese non-stick coating

The inner container for its Daikin food contact grade powder coating is easy-to-clean and free of the trouble of rice stuck to the bottom. The coating is extensively used in high-end electric rice cookers for its excellent non-stick property and good durability. Rice cookers with this coating are non-stuck and easy to clean.

  • Anti-overflow double-lid structure

    The cooker is designed with double lids for improved anti-overflow performance and shorter cooking time. The gap between the two lids can accommodate condensate and reduce water globules on lid bottom.

  • Dual temperature sensor probes

    Two temperature sensor probes(upper probe and lower probe) for monitoring and automatic adjusting cooking temperature in order to prevent overflow.

  • Six times of pressure safety margin

    TOKIT electric rice cooker can withstand 2.2 units of standard atmospheric pressure, 6 times the extra pressure applied to it when working.

Committed to better intelligence

3000+ curves for rice cooking

Barcode scanning to identify rice type for automatic matching of cooking mode: The cooker can automatically and precisely choose cooking heat that matches the rice type and the mouthfeel of cooked rice can be, as desired, either "soft and glutinous" or "chewy and elastic".

Aromatic and soft rice from north-eastern China

enjoyable for its aroma of scorched rice

Low-carbon coarse grain rice

salubrious, hypoglycemic, and lipid-lowering

Eight treasure gongee

thick, sweet, and glutinous

Scorched casserole rice

enjoyable for its aroma of scorched rice

Salubrious germinated brown rice

When cooking in accordance with a cloud recipe in germinated brown rice mode, the cooker adjusts the cooking humidity and temperature to allow the unpolished rice to germinate 0.5–1mm in order to activate and release the rich enzymes in the unpolished rice and, by enzymolysis, increase the vitamin content in rice, thus enhancing the nutrients in rice without impairing the cooked rice's mouthfeel and making your daily staple food more wholesome.

Massive video recipes on APP

Online chefs regularly update in cloud nutritious recipes which can be selected by one-touch on APP and used for remote control of the cooker to make abundant delicious foods with ease

One-touch wake up of the full-screen display

Press LOGO on the in-house developed pilot interactive UI to wake up the menu for one-touch cooking with visualized button. The integral pilot concealed UI will be called out by one touch without complicated and troublesome operation of numerous buttons.

Reservation for keeping warm 24 hours

Black crystal glass upper lid

Full black crystal glass upper lid - what you see is what you get - see how it shines when wiped

Dismountable upper lid

Push the lock catch upwards to dismount the inner lid with ease. This durable lid is made of food grade aluminum alloy and easy to clean.

Enjoy the fun of life