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Explore the Essence of Functional Aesthetics

June,20,2019 interview
Explore the Essence of Functional Aesthetics

To explore the essence of functional aesthetics, Guo Wenqi, vice president of Chunmi technology innovation and R&D center, tells us the story behind TOKIT products:

"User demand", "smart" and "functional aesthetics” are combined in series to constitute the design philosophy of TOKIT. Product design is not only about beauty, but also the organic integration of functionality and aesthetics, and the realization of user demand based on intelligence to solve cooking problems.

For example, what we call "AOD aesthetics" seems to be an aesthetic design, but in fact, it contains a better interactive experience in function. In the interactive experience, we adopt the design concept of “AOD aesthetics”, so that our product will present the entire interactive control area as a complete black screen and stays quietly when in standby mode; when we need it, upon a touch on the TOKIT Logo of the product, the black screen comes on, telling us that it is ready to serve us anytime.

We design some different appearance based on observing the user's needs and pain points, and then convert it into a unique presentation of the product appearance.

TOKIT products, at the beginning of the release, won the German iF Design Award, known as “Oscar award in design", and German Red Dot Award, as we set up our original intention from the user's point of view to think about what use value we can bring to the user, and finally present it in the product design, which is the "functional aesthetic product" we have always stressed.

The diversified design team, based on the understanding of user needs, better reflects the functionality and solves the cooking problems with aesthetic design, which is the functional aesthetics that TOKIT products are always pursuing in the design.

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