TOKIT announcement

Launch of TOKIT Brand

March,13,2019 Official release
Launch of TOKIT Brand

Chunmi officially released a new Internet kitchen brand, TOKIT, in Shanghai on March 13. The unique product and life philosophy delivered not only attracted the attention of many industry partners and media, but also aroused the curiosity of consumers.

At the same time, TOKIT also brought us 7 new intelligent kitchen electrical products, respectively: intelligent electric oven, thermosensitive cooker, intelligent thermosensitive cookers for the youth, intelligent electric mini rice cooker, intelligent IH electric rice cooker, IH intelligent electric pressure cooker, and intelligent mini electric oven.

As the new smart kitchen appliance brand released by Chunmi, TOKIT establishes a closer "sense of participation" with users through intelligent kitchen hardware, linked independent APP and other Internet technologies. While focusing on design aesthetics, it is more committed to enabling users to discover and experience the fun of cooking, and create an intelligent, simple and interesting kitchen experience in the "light era".


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